WEEK 76 (Danao)

February 26, 2017

Maayong Buntag!!! 

This week has been a week full of blessings and miracles from the Lord for me personally and also for our area and work.  I started really experiencing some side effects from my Dengue. I would wake up with my feet and hands horribly swollen and my legs so sore I could barely walk--it was like I had arthritis.  I would do my studies in the morning and pray and pray that the soreness and pain would be bearable during our work in the day. The pain would always lessen and we were always able to accomplish what we had planned.  It was a personal miracle that I witnessed every day this past week and now my legs are slowly getting better.  I am so grateful for the strength Heavenly Father continually gave me because I don't want to waste one minute of my time here.

 Heavenly Father also blessed us immensely in our work this week.  We have two new IBDS and Shaina and Jon Lee passed their interviews for baptism.  We found a great family through a referral, had a very successful finding activity, and we had 7 investigators attend sacrament meeting. I feel like I couldn't wipe my smile off my face every day!  It has been awesome and I am really excited about the potential this area has. Our baptisms and weekly bringing new people to church is really starting to inspire our ward too.  They started this new program and split couples and single adults into districts to start tackling the less actives and recent converts.  It's pretty cool and funny--they each have a "district leader" and are planning on doing district meetings every week. I love it! . 
Our finding activity was something I had done in Sagbayan that I enjoyed--a BOM booth! Or basically us standing in the market offering free copies to those who wanted to learn more- I love it cause it makes our jobs easier in finding those that are actually really interested. We are still following up on all of them and gave a lot of referrals to the elders, but it  is keeping us very busy. Plus personally, I love "street chatting" as I call it... just talking to as many as will stop and listen about why I am here.  Sister Loreto and I really enjoyed it. 

Sister Loreto and I are doing very well, I am so grateful she is my companion right now. We have the same goals and same desires and really complement each other in our lessons, work and duties as missionaries and STLs.  I am grateful for the Lord who truly knows what is best for us and I am grateful that you can receive this guidance from him for us.  I see everyday His hands in the work and I am grateful to be a part of it. 

There is a family history fireside coming up in our stake next week and missionaries have a part in the choir (and I was selected to be a storyteller haha).  We are singing this one song called "where is heaven."  The ending Lyrics are 

"Where is heaven? Is it very far?  
When it's with the ones you love, it's right where you are" 

I feel that everyday. There are so many links to heaven here on Earth for us to feel--I know I have found one here in the Philippines for me. 

Well- I hope this email was more updated than my previous weeks here in Danao.. this week Shaina and John Lee will be baptized. They are so ready.  I am excited!!  God is good! 

Sister Cook                 

My favorite zone leaders

My trunky letter.  Ugh.

Companionship study in a tree

Sicad!! A very popular form of transportation in Danao

Temple with my favorites
When I get to mission office...passed out!

WEEK 75 (Danao)

February 19, 2017

Halo pamilya! 

This week was great! I had some awesome experiences--the best was on Friday when I got to go to the temple and see everyone from Sagbayan. Man, you could not wipe the smile off my face the whole day. I got to see Brother, Sister and Nanay Jandayan do baptisms for their ancestors. (Talk about seeing the big picture).

 And see a sealing of a cute nay and tay there. And of course I saw the Bells.  I hadn't been to the temple in over a year so it was a beautiful feeling to enter into the Lords house again with so many people I love.  I imagine the happiness I felt there is much like the happiness we will all feel someday in heaven. 

After I got out of the hospital our district did a dinner for me and my companion!!

Mission Leadership Council Pics.  I love these people!

WEEK 74 (Danao)

February 12, 2017

Ok, first thank you for all your prayers and concerns--they were felt.  I am outta the hospital and doing well!! I feel great and when I finally got outta there I felt like I was in prison break or something.  But I was blessed to have been able to go to such a nice hospital where I had nurses catering to my every need. I have no more plans to ever get Dengue again. Man that stuff is nasty and I know Satan really was trying to stop our work in Danao, but it ain't gonna work. The minute they said my platelets were above 100k, I was sprinting out the door... And at least all my nurses are a little bit more familiar with the church and why I would respond to them in Bisaya haha it never got old. 

So I am mostly back to normal so no worries. We have had 3 baptisms since that last time  emailed you! The baptism of Sister Joy and of Hazyl and Jake that happened last Saturday... we weren't able to attend but it went well according to the members! This week we will continue to teach Shaina Rose and little John Lee and hopefully find some new people waiting to hear about the Gospel! 

I can't believe this is the first day of my last transfer. I am determined to make every minute count before I step on that plane. The Lord has blessed me so much and has really shaped me into someone I never expected myself to be, but also who He wants me to be. I realize I really still do have plenty of time to inspire the other missionaries around me and to serve the people here. Not much more to say- tomorrow we have mission leadership training and then hopefully later on this week I can go to the temple with the Jandayans from Sagbayan.. I'm hoping it works out! 

I love this work, I love the Philippines and I love my Heavenly Father! 
Sister Cook 

 Baptism of Jake and Hazyl that happened while me and my comp were in the hospital.  Milly is the member that helped us so much while I was sick...she is awesome.

WEEK 73 (Danao)

February 5, 2017

No letter from Ryan this week -- she's in the hospital with Dengue Fever!  :(

WEEK 72 (Danao)

January 29, 2017

Another busy week.
I got to go on exchanges with my BFF Sister Samoya !!  It was so fun!!!  Also another new missionary from Sister Anderson's batch. We tracted the whole day and found some really cool potential investigators!!  It's fun helping in other Sisters' areas.  But during that exchange we had another Sister have like an allergic reaction and Sister Maughan was in Bohol, so me and Sister Leopoldo (I was on exchanges) spent a lot of time going back and forth with medicine and stuff..  It was tiring but it feels so good to serve these Sisters I love! 

The missions worldwide have lots of changes. Our schedule is way different now and we choose way more what our day will be like and how we use our time.  Lots more agency- it's interesting and I'm grateful for a living prophet that receives revelation from the Lord. 

Well, I am very busy- we had 9 investigators at church yesterday! and Sister Joy passed her interview so her baptism will be this Saturday!  This will kick off our weekly baptisms and hopefully it will never end!!! SALIG LANG :) 
love you all! 
Sister Cook 
I'm sorry I'm too lazy to send pictures this week.