WEEK 72 (Danao)

January 29, 2017

Another busy week.
I got to go on exchanges with my BFF Sister Samoya !!  It was so fun!!!  Also another new missionary from Sister Anderson's batch. We tracted the whole day and found some really cool potential investigators!!  It's fun helping in other Sisters' areas.  But during that exchange we had another Sister have like an allergic reaction and Sister Maughan was in Bohol, so me and Sister Leopoldo (I was on exchanges) spent a lot of time going back and forth with medicine and stuff..  It was tiring but it feels so good to serve these Sisters I love! 

The missions worldwide have lots of changes. Our schedule is way different now and we choose way more what our day will be like and how we use our time.  Lots more agency- it's interesting and I'm grateful for a living prophet that receives revelation from the Lord. 

Well, I am very busy- we had 9 investigators at church yesterday! and Sister Joy passed her interview so her baptism will be this Saturday!  This will kick off our weekly baptisms and hopefully it will never end!!! SALIG LANG :) 
love you all! 
Sister Cook 
I'm sorry I'm too lazy to send pictures this week.

WEEK 71 (Danao)

January 22, 2017

Heeellllloooo -- "Da Now" is our zone nickname because we are aiming to be the top zone in the mission.. haha #cleverzoneleaders 

This week went so fast.. I know I say this every week-- but we were so busy!!!  My journal updates are so scattered and growing scarce because I pass out when I get home...

This week we went to Camotes the "celestial island" haha and it was fun!! Me and my batch sister Nalbog worked hard !! it was a tiring journey since we had to wake up at 4am twice in a row to catchthe boat. But it was great being on the sea again.  

On the way there it was stormy- my poor comp got sick but I loved the waves and on the way home there was a beautiful sunrise.. I got too cold in the air con room so I sat on the side and made some new friends who heard about the restored Gospel!!!  But I also was sad that I couldn't be their new Facebook friend...

Then I was on exchanges with another brand new American sister named Sister Hinton... 
we had so much fun!! For dinner I bought all these Filipino fruits that she hadn't tried yet and we had a yummy feast!!  We also found a lot of new investigators which will hopefully help progress their area. 
Also got to work in Liloan again and I got to see Sister Mara which was fun but I still haven't seen Sister Karen and her kids. 

We are still working hard with our IBDS- not all of them made it to church unfortunately... darn Sinulog (festival that every one dances to celebrate a little Jesus doll.. :| ) I am so inspired everyday to accomplish the weekly baptism goal- I have been studying about goals and desires and I know very strongly that the Lord will give us what we desire if it's for our benefit. There really is a truth and strength in telling him every opportunity what your desire is and showing it in your work. We will experience weekly baptisms starting in February. I love this work. It fills me with light and love for all around me. I am grateful my companion has the same desires and goals and I hope we can continue to influence the sisters around us. Well I know God has a profound love for the Filipino 
Love you all!! 
Sister Luto [means "Cook"]

WEEK 70 (Danao)

January 15, 2017

Wow, I can't believe how fast the weeks are flying by.  Man but we have been so busy this week! 
So it has been a stormy week and on Tuesday our house and the whole street flooded!!!  It was a disaster and pretty disgusting the water we had to wade through..  It took us, the zone leaders and some members 3 hours to get all the water out of our house... We are a little worried it's about to flood again later cause it has been nonstop raining. Adventure for sure, but I feel so bad for our investigators and some members here who barely have a house that stands.. These storms are pretty destructive. 



However, this week despite the heavy rain we have been working hard and now have many progressing investigators. The month of February we should have weekly baptisms. yay! 
First, is Sister Joy. Her sons were all baptized last month and she has been ready but is just now officially separated from her husband and can be baptized.  She has been through a lot in life and is grateful to have found the true gospel of Christ. 

Second, Hazyl and Jake! they are both part members that have a strong desire to be baptized. Hazyl's mom and Jake's wife is a member and has been a great support to them both. 

3rd is Sister Shaina Rose Medio. We met her last week from a referral from a member.. She is 16 and is a brand new single mom. She was completely abandoned from the man and has a tough family situation but decided to keep and and raise her baby boy James Kian. Sister Penias, member in the ward has been helping her and Shaina wants to be baptized. She prays and says she feels with all her heart that she has found Christ church and that this is the path she wants for her and her son. I always forget she is only 16, she is so mature, but i still feel sorry for her situation but proud that she is already sacrificing so much for her son. I know Heavenly Father lead her to us and to his Church because she is truly ready. 

 4th- Ruby and Ken! They have been investigators for a while and are very committed to the Gospel but have not yet been baptized because they aren't married and there is a problem with Ken's birth certificate (he has none).  Sister Loreto and I have really been trying to work with the City Hall and them to get it all sorted out. We hope it will work out. Keep them in your prayers. 

Another highlight for the week is on Saturday I got to go on splits in Liloan!! My first area.. haha it was kinda weird but cute cause some of the local kids totally remembered me and kept saying "You're back you're back!" #cute. The few members I saw couldn't believe how loud I was.. I guess I was really quiet. ya cause I couldn't understand anything.. that sucked haha. But they all got a kick out of it. It was fun!! I'll see them all again at stake conference (which happens to be my last Sunday).

I know dad you are counting but I can assure you that I am not.. I keep begging God to slow down the time. I love the people here, I love being a Filipina the best I can. I love being surrounded by the Spirit all the time and being able to spread the truth with everyone I talk to.  I love being surrounded by other young adults sacrificing their time to serve their God. (my district right now is so awesome.!! ) It scares me to return to a different world but at the same time I know the Lord will be with me.  I love you all! 

WEEK 69 (Danao)

January 8, 2017


Nice and stormy here in Cebu.. we are experiencing a little typhoon but it's mostly just a nice breeze and rain.  Last night I pulled my mattress out by our balcony and had a beautiful night sleep with some natural air instead of a fan... it's the little things... :) 

This week has been busy with the Leadership meeting and then we had to go on emergency splits a little but we still had a great week in the work. We have been teaching the Bayo family. Brother has lots of questions and feels like he has always been searching for something. They are pretty receptive so far but didn't make it to church on Sunday...  But with the strong rains not that many people did.. Keep them in your prayers. 

We also had a baptism of a sweet lady on Saturday.  I taught her a few times before her baptism and its was so powerful to hear her testimony of how the restored gospel has brought her closer to Christ and answered the questions she has been searching for. She kept saying: "I am a new Virginia. A New life."  It was a great service and was put on completely by the ward-- we just had to be there!  I forgot that's how it's supposed to be. 

I love studying about Agency because I am so grateful we have the power to choose here on earth. We have the power to choose to follow Christ and to do the right thing..  No one forces us.  Sometimes it's hard when we see people making hard choices, I feel so sad when someone I know rejects the Gospel. I can only imagine the pain and sadness our Heavenly Father feels. I am so grateful I chose to come on a mission, I can't imagine my life if I hadn't..  I have found so much of myself and who God wants me to be. 

Anyways, sorry my emails are short. Blame it on the exhaustion. :D 

Luv you!!! 




WEEK 68 (Danao)

January 1, 2017

Happy new year! It was weird reading my journal last year and writing and wondering about what my full year on the mission would be like...and now I was writing about how amazing that year was and what coming home would be like.  Time goes so fast! As hard as I am having adjusting to the city and the area/people here, I am determined to make every day count.

Its cool being an STL, Sister Samoya is one of my sisters here and so that's awesome, tomorrow we have our first big council meeting with the other mission leaders. Definitely busy.
For New Years we got to watch Moana (so good!) and eat lots of food- New Years in the city is insane!! the whole sky is full of smoke and fireworks because anyone with money can buy them- it's pretty insane and we had to be in at 6. Not much more to say- I am anxious to really work in our area.. being in a big ward is kinda scary again and I won't be teaching any more on Sunday so that's kinda a bummer.
Here are some pics of me and my new comp, Sister Loreto on New Years,  
my travel buddies from bohol to cebu, and some of my last days in Sagbayan.
Well I love you all!
Sister Cook