WEEK 67 (Danao)

December 28, 2016

Man, besides the great time Skyping you on Sunday and the awesome Christmas party in Sagbayan- this past week has been rough. I had to finally leave my beloved family in Sagbayan. It was way harder than I expected...and I am still struggling with it now. I would think I would be used to the whole transferring thing by now.. but after many tears later I realize that I am not. 

I am now an STL  (like sister zone leader) in Danao Cebu.. really close to my first area Liloan #ironic.. and I did not miss the city.  I am also again in a ward after a year of brand new groups and branches.. so that's gonna be different. My new companion is Sister Loreto from Mindinao. I haven't gotten to know her too much because I have already been on exchanges with one of my batch mates all day, Sister Nalbog which is cool. We have 5 sister companionship all over Cebu and Camotes (another island) that we help so I should be pretty busy.  Kinda funny how my first two and last two transfers are in Cebu but the rest Bohol. Oh I miss Bohol and I very much miss the Jandayans. Parting from them was tough.. but I'm trying to be optimistic- there will be a new family for me to find here I know it!!!

Our mission leaders are really pushing for us to have weekly baptisms. To always be finding those prepared by the Lord through our diligence and Faith. I love it!! Even though it's hard being in a city- there are a lot of people so lots to talk about this great message of the restored gospel.  :) Well I'll have more to update on Monday about the new area.. !! love you all<3 
I can't send pics this week.. Sorri :( 
luv sister cook

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