WEEK 68 (Danao)

January 1, 2017

Happy new year! It was weird reading my journal last year and writing and wondering about what my full year on the mission would be like...and now I was writing about how amazing that year was and what coming home would be like.  Time goes so fast! As hard as I am having adjusting to the city and the area/people here, I am determined to make every day count.

Its cool being an STL, Sister Samoya is one of my sisters here and so that's awesome, tomorrow we have our first big council meeting with the other mission leaders. Definitely busy.
For New Years we got to watch Moana (so good!) and eat lots of food- New Years in the city is insane!! the whole sky is full of smoke and fireworks because anyone with money can buy them- it's pretty insane and we had to be in at 6. Not much more to say- I am anxious to really work in our area.. being in a big ward is kinda scary again and I won't be teaching any more on Sunday so that's kinda a bummer.
Here are some pics of me and my new comp, Sister Loreto on New Years,  
my travel buddies from bohol to cebu, and some of my last days in Sagbayan.
Well I love you all!
Sister Cook


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