WEEK 70 (Danao)

January 15, 2017

Wow, I can't believe how fast the weeks are flying by.  Man but we have been so busy this week! 
So it has been a stormy week and on Tuesday our house and the whole street flooded!!!  It was a disaster and pretty disgusting the water we had to wade through..  It took us, the zone leaders and some members 3 hours to get all the water out of our house... We are a little worried it's about to flood again later cause it has been nonstop raining. Adventure for sure, but I feel so bad for our investigators and some members here who barely have a house that stands.. These storms are pretty destructive. 



However, this week despite the heavy rain we have been working hard and now have many progressing investigators. The month of February we should have weekly baptisms. yay! 
First, is Sister Joy. Her sons were all baptized last month and she has been ready but is just now officially separated from her husband and can be baptized.  She has been through a lot in life and is grateful to have found the true gospel of Christ. 

Second, Hazyl and Jake! they are both part members that have a strong desire to be baptized. Hazyl's mom and Jake's wife is a member and has been a great support to them both. 

3rd is Sister Shaina Rose Medio. We met her last week from a referral from a member.. She is 16 and is a brand new single mom. She was completely abandoned from the man and has a tough family situation but decided to keep and and raise her baby boy James Kian. Sister Penias, member in the ward has been helping her and Shaina wants to be baptized. She prays and says she feels with all her heart that she has found Christ church and that this is the path she wants for her and her son. I always forget she is only 16, she is so mature, but i still feel sorry for her situation but proud that she is already sacrificing so much for her son. I know Heavenly Father lead her to us and to his Church because she is truly ready. 

 4th- Ruby and Ken! They have been investigators for a while and are very committed to the Gospel but have not yet been baptized because they aren't married and there is a problem with Ken's birth certificate (he has none).  Sister Loreto and I have really been trying to work with the City Hall and them to get it all sorted out. We hope it will work out. Keep them in your prayers. 

Another highlight for the week is on Saturday I got to go on splits in Liloan!! My first area.. haha it was kinda weird but cute cause some of the local kids totally remembered me and kept saying "You're back you're back!" #cute. The few members I saw couldn't believe how loud I was.. I guess I was really quiet. ya cause I couldn't understand anything.. that sucked haha. But they all got a kick out of it. It was fun!! I'll see them all again at stake conference (which happens to be my last Sunday).

I know dad you are counting but I can assure you that I am not.. I keep begging God to slow down the time. I love the people here, I love being a Filipina the best I can. I love being surrounded by the Spirit all the time and being able to spread the truth with everyone I talk to.  I love being surrounded by other young adults sacrificing their time to serve their God. (my district right now is so awesome.!! ) It scares me to return to a different world but at the same time I know the Lord will be with me.  I love you all! 

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