WEEK 71 (Danao)

January 22, 2017

Heeellllloooo -- "Da Now" is our zone nickname because we are aiming to be the top zone in the mission.. haha #cleverzoneleaders 

This week went so fast.. I know I say this every week-- but we were so busy!!!  My journal updates are so scattered and growing scarce because I pass out when I get home...

This week we went to Camotes the "celestial island" haha and it was fun!! Me and my batch sister Nalbog worked hard !! it was a tiring journey since we had to wake up at 4am twice in a row to catchthe boat. But it was great being on the sea again.  

On the way there it was stormy- my poor comp got sick but I loved the waves and on the way home there was a beautiful sunrise.. I got too cold in the air con room so I sat on the side and made some new friends who heard about the restored Gospel!!!  But I also was sad that I couldn't be their new Facebook friend...

Then I was on exchanges with another brand new American sister named Sister Hinton... 
we had so much fun!! For dinner I bought all these Filipino fruits that she hadn't tried yet and we had a yummy feast!!  We also found a lot of new investigators which will hopefully help progress their area. 
Also got to work in Liloan again and I got to see Sister Mara which was fun but I still haven't seen Sister Karen and her kids. 

We are still working hard with our IBDS- not all of them made it to church unfortunately... darn Sinulog (festival that every one dances to celebrate a little Jesus doll.. :| ) I am so inspired everyday to accomplish the weekly baptism goal- I have been studying about goals and desires and I know very strongly that the Lord will give us what we desire if it's for our benefit. There really is a truth and strength in telling him every opportunity what your desire is and showing it in your work. We will experience weekly baptisms starting in February. I love this work. It fills me with light and love for all around me. I am grateful my companion has the same desires and goals and I hope we can continue to influence the sisters around us. Well I know God has a profound love for the Filipino 
Love you all!! 
Sister Luto [means "Cook"]

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