WEEK 75 (Danao)

February 19, 2017

Halo pamilya! 

This week was great! I had some awesome experiences--the best was on Friday when I got to go to the temple and see everyone from Sagbayan. Man, you could not wipe the smile off my face the whole day. I got to see Brother, Sister and Nanay Jandayan do baptisms for their ancestors. (Talk about seeing the big picture).

 And see a sealing of a cute nay and tay there. And of course I saw the Bells.  I hadn't been to the temple in over a year so it was a beautiful feeling to enter into the Lords house again with so many people I love.  I imagine the happiness I felt there is much like the happiness we will all feel someday in heaven. 

After I got out of the hospital our district did a dinner for me and my companion!!

Mission Leadership Council Pics.  I love these people!

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