WEEK 74 (Danao)

February 12, 2017

Ok, first thank you for all your prayers and concerns--they were felt.  I am outta the hospital and doing well!! I feel great and when I finally got outta there I felt like I was in prison break or something.  But I was blessed to have been able to go to such a nice hospital where I had nurses catering to my every need. I have no more plans to ever get Dengue again. Man that stuff is nasty and I know Satan really was trying to stop our work in Danao, but it ain't gonna work. The minute they said my platelets were above 100k, I was sprinting out the door... And at least all my nurses are a little bit more familiar with the church and why I would respond to them in Bisaya haha it never got old. 

So I am mostly back to normal so no worries. We have had 3 baptisms since that last time  emailed you! The baptism of Sister Joy and of Hazyl and Jake that happened last Saturday... we weren't able to attend but it went well according to the members! This week we will continue to teach Shaina Rose and little John Lee and hopefully find some new people waiting to hear about the Gospel! 

I can't believe this is the first day of my last transfer. I am determined to make every minute count before I step on that plane. The Lord has blessed me so much and has really shaped me into someone I never expected myself to be, but also who He wants me to be. I realize I really still do have plenty of time to inspire the other missionaries around me and to serve the people here. Not much more to say- tomorrow we have mission leadership training and then hopefully later on this week I can go to the temple with the Jandayans from Sagbayan.. I'm hoping it works out! 

I love this work, I love the Philippines and I love my Heavenly Father! 
Sister Cook 

 Baptism of Jake and Hazyl that happened while me and my comp were in the hospital.  Milly is the member that helped us so much while I was sick...she is awesome.

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